3d Lacrosse Wraps Up Winter Box Leagues Nationwide To Spring Into Scholastic Season

3d Lacrosse Wraps Up Winter Box Leagues Nationwide To Spring Into Scholastic Season

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Deerfield captured its fifth straigt CTWBLL title. (Photo: 3d Staff)

DENVER—3d Lacrosse Select programs nationwide recently wrapped up winter box leagues aimed at helping local scholastic players and programs raise their level of play heading into the spring season.

Structured with training and games built into each weekly meeting, 3d Lacrosse offers a game-changing experience for participants by pulling from the 3d Methodology.

The Winter Box Lacrosse League, also known as the WBLL, completed its seventh year of operation and now features two divisions. The North, hosted by Boston-based 3d New England, saw the Middlesex team hoist the trophy. The South division, hosted by Rhode Island-based 3d Bears, was won by the Quakers, a team made up of players from Moses Brown in Providence.

In the fifth season of the Connecticut Winter Box Lacrosse League, hosted by Glastonbury-based 3d NE South, the Deerfield Academy team took home a head-turning fifth consecutive championship.

Meanwhile, Denver-based 3d Colorado hosted another busy season of the Colorado Box Lacrosse League, with five different divisions, including Varsity and JV divisions that were both claimed by the Mountain Vista program. And in Oregon, Portland-based 3d Oregon hosted the Oregon Box Lacrosse League, which was comprised of girls teams and saw the Bears, a team from Lake Oswego, take home the title.

Matt Rowley, 3d Lacrosse’s EVP of Business Development, is also a longtime 3d Master Coach and has been involved in running 3d Lacrosse’s box lacrosse leagues since the company’s inception.

Rowley believes the impact of the leagues in New England on the participating local scholastic programs is immeasurable—and he’s seen it firsthand as a coach in the region’s hyper-competitive Independent School League.

He credits the company’s steadfastness and consistent approach to league operations, as well as strong facility partners, as keys to success.

“Our 3d box leagues have really stood the test of time for us and we’ve been able to help countless student-athletes and entire scholastic programs get better over the course of the winter,” Rowley said.

“We’ve been able to establish best practices in our more established regions and then replicate that experience for players and coaches in some of our newer areas. This has unquestionably raised the level of play for the individual athletes and for the programs that those kids then take the field with come spring. It’s made the quality of lacrosse higher in a lot of ways and we’ve got a lot of coaches who are proud of that.”

Below is the complete list of winners from this year’s 3d Lacrosse box leagues:

Winter Box Lacrosse League (WBLL) North: Middlesex

Winter Box Lacrosse League (WBLL) South: Quakers (Moses Brown)

Oregon Box Lacrosse League (OBLL) High School: Bears (Lake Oswego)

Box Upstate Lacrosse League (BULL) High School: Fairport

Connecticut Winter Box Lacrosse League (CTWBLL): Deerfield

Colorado Box Lacrosse League (CBLL) Varsity: Mountain Vista

Colorado Box Lacrosse League (CBLL) JV: Mountain Vista

Frederick Box Lacrosse League (FBLL) Varsity: Urbana

For more information on 3d Lacrosse’s lineup of box lacrosse league and box training opportunities, visit 3dlacrosse.com.

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