Showcases & College Coach Events

Showcases & College Coach Events

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Whatever Your Goals, We're Here to Help You Get the Most out of the Game



3d Lacrosse's proven train-first model, led by our world-class staff of coaches and evaluators, has come to identify our recruiting showcases, which give every athlete the best possible opportunity to showcase his or her individual talents and strengths. In most traditional camp settings, this can't always happen, as only the absolute fastest, strongest and most naturally athletic players tend to shine outside of a structured team offensive or defensive system. But top coaches are looking for, and many players possess, more subtle qualities that only become apparent through a collaborative team framework and repetitions. At 3d Lacrosse's showcases and training camps, players will learn our Box / Field Hybrid™ Development System and the corresponding language of 3d Lacrosse to, in a very short period of time, put team systems into action with a three-pronged approach:

  • Teach players a set of individual moves, maneuvers, skills and concepts that are applicable to any and all defensive or offensive schemes in the sport of lacrosse.
  • Use our 3d Drill Progressions to quickly show how those newly acquired skills can be applied to any and all small-sided situations that occur in gameplay, such as 1v1, 2-man game, 2v1, 3v2. 
  • Teach athletes how to communicate and capitalize on these small-sided situations as they execute full field team systems in 10v10 gameplay.

The result: Are you a cerebral, feeding X-attackman? You’ll get the chance to show that in your team’s offense. Are you a defenseman whose best skills are communication, leadership and off-ball play? You’ll have the opportunity to showcase those strengths in front of NCAA coaches who can identify those skills.

The bottom line is that our system is designed to discover and showcase the best that EVERY player has to offer. We don’t just encourage you to share the ball, communicate on defense, and be team players -- we demand it and our structured gameplay requires it. We want to show that the best players can prove their skills, smarts, athleticism, and toughness within a team framework, because that’s exactly what coaches are looking for at the NCAA level.

3d Lacrosse Recruiting Network

 Simply put, 3d Lacrosse is connected to the nation’s largest network of NCAA, high school, club and youth coaches in the country. From our coaching staff's vast knowledge, experience, and friendships in the college game, to the national network of coaches we’ve created with our Rising Showcase Series and our premiere events, all the way to the club and school connections of every employee in the company, there is no city or corner of North America where 3d can’t help a student-athlete achieve his or her goals in lacrosse. Our years of experience in training players and getting them recruited, combined with 3d's staff of coaches and club directors from youth all the way up to NCAA DI and professional lacrosse, can enhance the experience of each and every lacrosse player involved. The bottom line: if you’re a recruitable student-athlete, we’ll give you the best possible chance to prove that to the world.

Whether you’re a young man who just wants to play rec box lacrosse or a seventh-grade girl with dreams of a DI scholarship, 3d Lacrosse can help you along the way. Our full suite of services, events, showcases, camps, leagues, and other training experiences cover every lacrosse-related experience imaginable. We’re dedicated at 3d Lacrosse to using our unparalleled network and world-class customer service to help you, the players and families, get the most out of this great sport.