Sevens New England Fall 2022

Sevens New England Fall 2022



3d Lacrosse is thrilled for the return of our Sevens New England Tournament. Sevens NE will have separate New England club and town divisions playing in small-sided, 7v7, games to crown a champion. This format gives players the opportunity to improve and compete in a rapid-fire environment that will allow every player a high number of touches and quick decision making. 

The Sevens NE tournament was inspired by the "rugby sevens" events played in the 2016 Olympics. The tournament will be played with smaller, 5x5 goals and each team fielding six players (2 long poles for boys) and one goalie. 

Spots are limited!


  • Nets: The “7/8” age group will play on 6x6 nets. The “6/5” and “4/3” age groups will play on 5x5 nets.
  • Players: 7 active players on field for each team at once (2 Attack/2 Middies/2 Defenders/1 Goalie)
  • Penalties: Time-Serving penalties. The following types of body contact are allowed: Legal holds, Legal pushes, positioning yourself against an opponent to gain possession of a loose ball (i.e. boxing out), defensive positioning to redirect an opponent, Incidental contact
  • Offsides: All teams must have 2 players stay back behind the midline (not including the goalie)
  • Face-Offs: 2 per game – 1 to start and 1 to start the second half. Goalies will initiate next possession after being scored on by holding up their sticks and awaiting the referee’s whistle.
  • “Lopsided” Rule: If a team is losing by more than 6 goals, the team will be allowed to start their possession at midfield upon being scored on
  • Games: 20-minute running halves with 1-minute halftimes. There will be 10 min in between games
  • Timeouts: Teams will be allowed 1 timeout per half of 60 seconds (running time). However, no timeouts will be allowed under 2 minutes in the half or game.
  • Clearing: There is no clearing count  
  • Tie Breakers: In the event of a tie post round-robin play, the team with the lowest goals against will advance to the Championship.

Who: Boys Teams | 2027-2032

When: October 29th, 2022 | 9am-5pm

Cost: $925/team

Location: Lynnfield High School, Lynnfield, MA