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Training Has No Off-Season

From coast to coast, 3d Lacrosse offers a wide variety of leagues throughout the year.

Unlike other “roll the ball and play” scenarios, the key component to every 3d Lacrosse League involves instruction using the 3d Methodology to improve skills and Lacrosse IQ whether on the field or in the Box. 3d Lacrosse offers company-originated leagues, operates and supports municipal leagues and works as the lead partner or engages teams in already-established leagues.

As with all 3d properties, the goal of our leagues is to create what we know are the best conditions for players to dramatically improve their skills: maximum repetitions in tight environments.

Every 3d Lacrosse Box league represents the genuine Box sport (as opposed to the game of lacrosse simply moved indoors). Both boys and girls are geared up in pads, helmets, gloves and more to mix it up in the rink.

The focus of our leagues is and always will be based on player development. We challenge players to look at the game in a new light and focus on training that will best improve their skill level.

3d Lacrosse leagues take many forms depending on season and location but participants can always anticipate:

  • Active in-game coaching (few whistles);
  • High-repetition/high-touch drills to boost focus and excitement;
  • Small-sided instruction and individualized attention;
  • Box Lacrosse (non-stop action in the authentic game for youth and High School);
  • Season-concluding league-based tournaments; and
  • Players grouped by team, age and skill level (ages six through 18).

Despite the team-oriented format, 3d Lacrosse league participants enjoy the individual attention required to boost skills over the long-term. Detailed instruction – fine attention to the even smallest details – boosts Lacrosse IQ regardless of the season.