National Director of DIII Recruiting

National Director of DIII Recruiting


A common misconception held by many high school lacrosse players is that the ideal result of years of training and hard work must be playing lacrosse at a Division I school. But there is an amazing alternative to consider: Division III schools, a collection of more than 200 men’s and women’s programs which pair top-notch academics with exciting, highly-competitive lacrosse programs.

Why Division III?

 Every player can and should find a college home. The 230 men’s Division III lacrosse programs (and 270+ women’s programs) that range from somewhat relaxed to stringently competitive represent an exciting option for motivated student-athletes. For most players, Division III can offer a wider array of choices than DI in several key areas, including academic excellence, generous financial and merit aid, a sound balance of life-social-sport activities and, of course, competitive lacrosse.

3d's Commitment to You

Seth Jacoby, former assistant lacrosse coach at Division III Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT), was hired as the National Director of DIII Recruiting in 2015 to support and serve as a resource to 3d families as they explore every recruiting avenue available. Greg Waldbaum, President and COO of 3d Lacrosse said that to the best of his knowledge, no other select lacrosse team, events or training companies include staff members dedicated to boosting Division III recruiting opportunities. While he is stationed in Hartford, CT, Jacoby’s role at 3d Lacrosse takes him across the country to introduce Division III options to California players and those in rapidly growing, non-traditional markets including the newest 3d Lacrosse families located in Oregon, Arizona, Texas, and beyond.

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Other DIII Opportunities

stx rising d3

STX Rising DIII Showcase

Plenty of lacrosse showcases give prospects the chance to compete in front of top coaches. The problem is, many of them just throw players together for the day and ask them to play their best on a team of perfect strangers. Others ignore the fact that getting a coach’s attention is only a very small part of the recruiting process. We think top prospects deserve better. Our series of showcases gives teams time to develop chemistry before they play in front of top coaches. Strength & conditioning and nutritional education will teach prospects how to stay healthy while getting stronger. Participants will also learn from qualified academic counselors how to navigate the recruiting process and effectively target schools of interest.

STX Rising DIII Showcase is the only lacrosse showcase that takes this kind of an educational, holistic approach to player development. 3d showcases have changed the entire paradigm of showcase lacrosse. Our intensive, advanced training will ensure that players will be at their very best during games. At the same time, participants will gain insights and learn methods to improve their recruitment candidacy and their role as leader among their peers.

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d3 road trip

3d Lacrosse DIII Road Trip

3d's newest summer programming brings together 44 players nationally from 3d Select to embark on a seven-day road trip following the DIII Showcase. Players get amazing, up-close and detailed visits led by College Coaching Staffs at seven nationally recognized Division III college campuses in the northeastern U.S. 3d Select players are given priority to attend the DIII Road Trip. Over the course of 7 days, these players will receive high caliber instruction and unrivaled DIII exposure at the STX Rising DIII Showcase and then hit the road to visit some of the nation's most prestigious academic and athletic institutions. The road trip includes participation in prospect days and intra-squad scrimmages on these college campuses. The 3d Lacrosse  DIII Road Trip was created with a simple goal: Create a new and unique – and fun - opportunity to help our 3d Select players find the perfect fit at a high level academic institution with highly competitive lacrosse.

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