3d Events Weather and Cancellation Policy

3d Events Weather and Cancellation Policy

3d Events Severe Weather Policy

Inclement Conditions

In the case of certain weather conditions (such as lightning, rain, etc.), the field usage is at the discretion of the facility operators and in some cases, may not be used. The fields will immediately close if standing water is visible on the fields, or if the ground is severely saturated from heavy rain. Severe weather such as thunderstorms, snow, and tornadoes, may cause the complex to shut down as well. The facility and our medical staff monitors the weather 24 hours a day and uses the following policy: Fields will be evacuated if lightning is detected within a certain radius of the facility. In the event that fields need to be evacuated, staff and the facility will notify attendees. At this point all players, coaches, spectators and staff will need to clear the fields as quickly as possible. The safest location for people to go is in a hard-topped car with the windows up. The fields will remain closed until the lightning has cleared the predetermined radius. Tourney Machine updates, emails, and staff will indicate when it is safe to return to the fields. The facility and our event staff will evaluate the conditions of the fields and ultimately make the decision to continue, postpone or cancel the day's events.

Weather Updates

Should tournament play be haulted due to severe weather, the tournament organizers will send text messages/emails via the tourney machine app. It is highly recommended that all club directors, coaches and parents download this app to their phone so they can have all the most up to date information. To get the app, go to www.tourneymachine.com and search the tournament name.

Abbreviated Schedules Due to Inclement Weather

Should games be delayed due to weather, tournament organizers will shorten games and half times to catch up to the regular schedule. In the event that the facility closes down their fields completely, 3d Lacrosse will publish a revised schedule to accommodate as many games as possible at alternate locations. Please note there are no alternate rain dates and no refunds will be issued due to weather related adjustments or cancellations.

3d Events Cancellation Policy

All fees are non-refundable for ANY reason. However, all registrants are encouraged to purchase, at the time of registration, insurance from Registration Saver – a 3rd party provider – to protect their investment from unforeseen circumstances. NO refunds will be given for any reason if registrations are not insured by Registration Saver.

Registration Saver

3d Lacrosse is excited to offer Registration Saver, a new AIG product, for families to insure their purchases with 3d. Registration Saver will now be offered for each of our tournaments and camps.

In order to help protect your tournament or camp registration and travel fees in the case players get injured or cannot make the event, we highly encourage that you consider purchasing Registration Saver to cover your investment.

Tournaments: Although tournaments require team fees, players can cover themselves in case of injury, weather, date conflict, etc. The cost of insurance is 6% of the total costs spent on travel and registration fees. Your coach will need to let you know how much of your collected season fee is considered payment for a specific 3d tournament. You can then enter the costs of travel, as well as this fee and you will be provided the premium for insurance.

Camps: Players can cover insure their purchases for camps individually. The cost of insurance is 6% of the total costs spent on travel and registration fees.

Registration Saver will help you recoup any unused travel costs should the tournament/camp be canceled or the player cannot participate due to sickness, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances. Please review the Registration Saver policy for a complete understanding of coverage.

We encourage you to go to the Registration Saver website, click on Apply Today and then click on Tournament/Camp Insurance header.

Due to our No Refund Policy, we believe this insurance can prove to be useful for you and your family.

If you have any questions, please call AIG/Travel Guard directly at 866-690-6859. They are open and available for questions concerning coverage and services 24 hours each day.