FLG in 3d Summer Shootout

FLG in 3d Summer Shootout

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July 8 -10, 2022

All teams will have one game on Friday. **PLEASE NOTE** Gates to the facility will not be open until 1-HOUR prior to the first game of the day.


Maryland Soccerplex, Boyds, MD

Game Guarantee

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of four games over the course of the weekend with championship games being an additional fifth game. All teams will have one game on Friday afternoon/evening.

Game Film

TME Sports Media (tmesportsmedia.com

For this event, TME Sports Media is offering a pre-tournament team rate of $1,995 for every game your child plays with their team. Individual Pricing for each player is $199 before the event and $249 after event. Ordering the team package would save each player $100 and each team $2,000 or more, which is why we encourage you to pre-order.

If you know the person that would be in charge of ordering film for each of your teams, please forward their information to Gary Karp at info@tmesportsmedia.com (or call his office at 800-839-0918) and he will take it from there.


In order to keep the competition at a high level, 3d Lacrosse and FLG will cap the number of teams that can participate. Divisions will be grade based as follows:
2023 - Rising Seniors
2024 - Rising Juniors
2025 - Rising Sophomores
2026 - Rising Freshman
2027- Rising 8th Graders
2028 - Rising 7th Graders
2029 - Rising 6th Graders 

Tournament Format

The FLG in 3d Summer Shootout will include pool play and championship play. How well a team does in pool play will determine their seeding for championship play. Seeding ties will be broken by:

1. Points in pool play
2. Head-to-head
3. Goals Allowed
4. Goal Differential
5. Coin Flip


2023 Boys - 2025 Boys: $3,950 per team

2026 Boys - 2029 Boys - $2,250 per team

For more information, or questions, please contact:

Mike Winkoff
For the Love of the Game

Nicole Conn
3d Lacrosse


*College Coaches, please contact-
Nicole Conn - nconn@3dlacrosse.com