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Format & Rules

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2022 Tropical Thaw Boys Format & Rules


All teams must submit a roster prior to the start of the tournament. If 3d Lacrosse does not receive a roster before the start of the tournament the team will be ineligible to participate.

3d Event Staff will be conducting roster checks at the tournament directors discretion throughout the duration of the weekend.

Game Guarantee 

All teams are guaranteed a minimum of four games over the course of two days.

Field Size

All fields are regulation size- 110x60

Boys Overview

  • 2023/24, 2025/26 division rules - NCAA 2018 modified rules. No shot clock, no diving in the crease.
  • No defense shaft length regulation
  • All age groups can substitute on the fly
  • Any division with 18 or more teams will be split into "A" and "B" pools
  • Games will be scheduled in 50 minute time blocks
  • There will be two 22 minute running halves
  • 2 minute halftime
  • No timeouts
  • No zone defense during even strength situations
  • In case of a tie, a three-minute sudden death period will be played. If still tied at the end of the three-minute sudden death; the overtime will go into two minute sudden victory overtime periods until a winner emerges.
  • 4 minutes in between games
  • All participants must register on the 3d Lacrosse website by December 23rd, 2022
  • Pool play and championship play
  • In the final two minutes of bracket play games, the officials will stop the clock after goals, penalties and injuries. 

Player Eligibility

  • Each team must be placed in the age bracket of the oldest player on their team
  • Divisions are graduation year based


There will be pool play and championship play in the Tropical Thaw. How well a team does in pool play will determine their seeding for the championship. Seeding ties are broken in the following way: 

  1. Record in pool play                      
  2. Head-to-head*                                
  3. Goals against
  4. Goal differential
  5. Coin flip

*In the case of a two way tie head-to-head record will be used, in the case of a three way tie the seeding tie will be broken by goals against- NOT head-to-head

* In the case that a team forfeits a game, the score will be recorded as a 6-0 loss for that team.

  • Penalties will be enforced by man-up and man-down