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3d Lacrosse is committed to delivering a superior summer camp experience for players and families looking for more training than what is typically available in the marketplace. We believe that our level of instruction is unique and unlike anything most players have ever experienced…and they continue to come back for more! In all of our camp settings, players learn from 3d Master Coaches who are steeped in experience with the Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System. The system’s ability to develop players is unparalleled in the lacrosse training landscape.

3d Lacrosse offers exceptional Day and Overnight training camps, on the field and in the box, from New England to the Mid-Atlantic, Texas to the Rockies and up and down the West Coast.


3d Lacrosse’s suite of instructional opportunities offers lacrosse athletes of all ages the opportunity to discover the Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System and our clinics provide a great environment for this discovery.  From the youngest novice to the advanced high school player, our clinics will improve your player's game.

3d Clinics will focus on college level skill development with instruction by highly trained and skilled coaches.  Players will learn and master new skill with high speed and repetition  training.

3d clinics all take place close to home and are offered throughout the year.  3d Clinics give your player the chance to improve his/her game in a  proven Developmental System that stresses/instructs both box and field lacrosse.

Group Training

There is no off season when it comes to training. Small Group Training may most fit the true essence of training in the “Box-Field Hybrid™ Development System”.  The tactics and skills required in the Development System are instilled and continually honed through the environment of SGT.  We offer varied sessions of intense lacrosse specific training.  The sessions have been meticulously pieced together by our group of master coaches who have methodology on the mind 24/7/365.  The practice plans in Small Group Training allow your player a high intensity workout with maximum repetition and creative drills that will help keep training fresh and challenging.

Small Group Training is capped at a low number of participants to ensure personal attention and development. 3d’s one position/no position philosophy allows players from any position to participate in our drills.  From distance shot technique to stick work in tight on the crease, SGT will cover all of you in and out of season.